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Planyourgram is an excellent service provider to buy IGTV likes for your videos. Our clients have appreciated us a lot for providing one of the best services for them. We have offered high-quality IGTV likes from trusted users at a low cost for our clients. If you want to buy Instagram TV likes for your videos, You can buy IGTV likes plans from the list as what you are looking for. 

Buying IGTV likes helps to increase your Instagram growth and get a huge impression for your IGTV videos. Furthermore, buying Instagram TV likes can help to improve your IGTV video impressions and views in the future. Nowadays, IGTV is one of the best services to enhance your marketing and engage your audience at a higher volume. 

Planyourgram provides different services to engage your Instagram account, such as buying IGTV likes, buying IGTV views, and buying IGTV comments. We will be very excited to provide services for you to engage your Instagram account with a huge audience.

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How Successful is IGTV?

IGTV is a stand-alone application where you will be able to view within the Instagram page or application. You can upload the videos both vertically  and horizontally on your IGTV videos. Buying IGTV likes will get more impressions and views among Instagram users. If you want to install the IGTV app, use Google store or App store. 

IGTV Video Length:

You can post your IGTV videos from 15 sec up to 10 minutes. Also, you can post up to 60 minutes videos if you’re an Instagram verified account user. So, you can buy Instagram TV likes for your videos. 

IGTV Video File Type:

Your IGTV videos must be in MP4 format. Buy IGTV likes to show your video more attractive when the audience watches. 

IGTV Video Dimensions:

If you want to upload the IGTV videos in the vertical direction, the video ratio should be 9:16, and for the horizontal format, the video ratio should be 16:9. You will buy IGTV video likes for both formats. 

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Buying IGTV Likes from us:

  • We provide IGTV likes for your IGTV videos from real and trusted users. You will also get a 100% guaranteed & long-term relationship from planyourgram if you subscribe to our services to buy IGTV likes.
  • We have an excellent 24/7 customer support team to resolve all your queries about buying IGTV likes or any questions related to buy IGTV likes.
  • We offer 100 % guaranteed IGTV likes for your videos. So you don’t need to worry about your IGTV likes after buying IGTV likes from services.  We assure you that we will provide you with our best services and are sure you will be extremely impressed by our work.
  • After placing your order on buying Instagram TV likes, our team will start the work and send complete the process ASAP. We know the importance of IGTV likes, so without delay we will complete your process.
  • Customer satisfaction and trustworthiness are the major things on our Planyourgram clients. We provide excellent services when you buy Instagram TV likes by giving all our efforts to generate high quality likes for your videos. Besides, we also offer a money-back guarantee if we fail to deliver the process within the specified time limit.
  • Planyourgram has several packages to buy Instagram TV likes, and it starts from  $ with ultra-speed delivery. You can buy IGTV likes with our excellent service, save money, and get reach!

What is Instagram TV Video Likes?

Instagram TV likes is a count that refers to the total number of times the users tap the heart button after watching your IGTV video. On the main screen, the total number of counts is hidden along with the views counts, and you need to click on the views count if you wish to view the total number of counts of your likes count. You can view the total number of views, likes, and you can also see the people who liked your videos. Buying Instagram TV likes for your videos helps to improve your ranking on Instagram, boosting your traffic and increasing your views count. 

Why Do Instagram Marketers Need to Buy Instagram TV Likes?

Globally, more than 3.6 billion people are engaged in social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Instagram has more than 1 billion daily active users worldwide. Now, Instagram introduced a new feature called IGTV for sharing long videos, which you can buy IGTV likes to upload your video up to 60 minutes if you’re a verified Instagram user.

Our Planyourgram services offer to buy IGTV likes for marketing your videos at affordable prices. Buying IGTV likes will increase your video visibility and to get huge impressions. Use the IGTV application for your brand awareness and get huge impressions for your IGTV videos. You can buy Instagram TV likes along with buying IGTV views & comments to boost your video to reach new audiences, and you will get high organic results.  

Will It Necessary To Buy IGTV Likes For Every IGTV Video?

Yes, It will be tough and more complicated to get likes and improve views for your IGTV videos nowadays when you don’t have many Instagram followers for your Instagram profile. If a new user is about to view your IGTV videos, they will notice the total number of views and likes for your IGTV videos. Hence, buying likes for IGTV videos which helps to attract the Instagram audience.

Moreover, even your Instagram account followers also notice the same thing while viewing your IGTV videos posted by you. If your IGTV videos will continue to run with a low number of likes and views, they willn’t interested in watching your IGTV videos. In case, you will buy Instagram TV likes more possible to watch your video by audience.

Therefore, If you want to buy Instagram TV likes for your IGTV videos. Our Planyourgram services provide to buy IGTV likes will be more efficient and help reduce your valuable spending time buying IGTV likes for your videos.

Below are the few advantages of buy IGTV likes:

  • Your IGTV videos will reach more number of audience
  • You can create strong social proof on Instagram if you buy IGTV likes.
  • Your Instagram followers will be increased when the audience likes your IGTV videos
  • Your website traffic and sales will be increased when you buy IGTV likes for your videos.

How Buying Instagram TV Likes Help Me To Get Popular on Platform?

If you buy IGTV likes for your videos, it will help you create strong social proof and stimulate other users to watch your IGTV videos apart from your Instagram followers. In this case, your video should be more attractive and informative to keep your audience engaged with your IGTV videos.

Once the audience likes your video content after watching your IGTV videos, they will follow your IGTV video content as well as your Instagram profile on a regular basis. Buying IGTV likes will increase brand awareness of your video content.

When you buy IGTV likes service, you will get many benefits such as video rank, which will be increased based on the Instagram algorithm, boosting traffic, and driving more people to watch the content.

Here are a few tips to get popular on IGTV:

  • Use trending hashtags when you’re uploading videos on IGTV. Those hashtags must be related to your video content. Also, buy likes for your IGTV videos.
  • Adding the captions on your IGTV content will be more helpful for other language audiences.
  • Sharing your videos frequently at the right time is one of the more important strategies.Buying IGTV likes is also one of the secret strategies.

Why Should You Try Marketing With IGTV? 

IGTV provides a fantastic opportunity to upload your successful video content to get a new life for your videos. You can repost the same video on your Instagram feed & stories to attract more new followers to your Instagram account. The main advantage of IGTV is to share long-form video content and buy IGTV likes for your video. You can share IGTV videos starting from 1 minute and up to 10 minutes. Buying IGTV likes definitely will increase your followers for your Instagram account.

At this point, you can use our Planyourgram services such as buy IGTV likes, IGTV views, and IGTV comments. It is a simple and efficient way to reach more audiences through IGTV videos that can enhance your brand awareness and increase your popularity. The ultimate feature of IGTV videos is you can post the videos both horizontally and vertically. Our service increases your video likes when you’re buying IGTV likes.

Is It Safe To Buy Instagram TV Likes?

Yes, It is 100 % safe and secure for your business when buying IGTV likes for your videos. Even the top brand competitor will buy IGTV likes to show up their brand exposure among the huge number of Instagram audiences.

Our Planyourgram services provide the safest, reliable, and cost-effective to buy Instagram TV likes. Also, You can buy unlimited Instagram TV likes from our Planyourgram service without sharing your personal details with us.

If you want to shine on the IGTV platform, we recommend buying IGTV video likes for your videos. If you need more information about our buy IGTV likes services on Planyourgram, please contact our customer service at any time, and we will be available 24/7 to answer your queries.

How Do You Get More Likes on IGTV?

  • IGTV videos are slightly different from Instagram videos. Hence, you need to concentrate more on making videos for IGTV. Suppose you wish to get a huge audience to watch your entire video without skipping, you have to buy IGTV likes  for your video content.
  • Analyzing and uploading your videos at the right time on IGTV will keep your audience engaged with your videos. Buying IGTV likes can also help to attract the viewers.
  • Keep posting your IGTV videos at least once or twice within a week, which may help your followers engage more on your videos. Also, you can buy IGTV likes that will be more useful to boost up the engagement ratio for your videos.
  • After buying IGTV likes, your video will get more views. It is one of the greatest ways to increase your likes organically. You can also add captions for your video and get likes from the valuable audience.

How to Become an Influencer on Instagram?

Influencers are the content creators who have a huge fan base on their Instagram accounts. They are also considered equivalent to celebrities on the Instagram platform. Being an influencer is not easy because they should post their content regularly and create engaging video content. If you want to attract your audience for your IGTV video, you will buy IGTV likes.

Analyze your competitor and create unique content with a unique style. Once the audience is impressed with your style, they will follow you regularly and give huge amounts of likes to your content. Use our Planyourgram service to buy IGTV likes and get more likes for your video content, which is less expensive. 

Can you make money on IGTV?

Yes, you can make money on your IGTV videos by providing short ads along with your video content. You need to agree with the Partner Program Monetization Policies to use the features. 

If you wish to become an Influencer on Instagram like a celebrity, you need to buy IGTV likes for your videos.

Purchasing Steps

Step1: Copy your video link (at which video you want to increase likes) and paste the video link in Planyourgram website. 

Step2: Enter the total number of likes as you want and you can see the price details

Step3: Tap the “Buy Now” button, it redirects to the payment page. (Use any kind of payment method such as Paypal, credit card or any other transactions)

IGTV – Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Do I Share My IGTV Video to My Facebook Page?

You must own a Facebook Page to share an IGTV video on Facebook. If yes, please follow the below steps:

  • Upload your IGTV video with the exact video title, description, caption, and cover photo. 
  • Click -> Make Visible on Facebook (if your Instagram account is already integrated into your Facebook Page, sharing will be turned on by default.)
  • If you don’t have an Instagram account, please submit the Facebook page information to share the video.
  • Then Tap the Post button. Now, your IGTV video will be shared on your Facebook page. 

2. How do I upload a 30-minute video to IGTV?

A normal Instagram user can post IGTV videos for only up to 10 minutes. If you want to upload a 30-minute IGTV video, you should have a verified Instagram account. 

A verified Instagram account means that Instagram has confirmed your account for public figures, celebrities, and global presence. You need to have a minimum of 10000K followers on your account to have a verified Instagram account.

3. Do IGTV videos disappear after 24 hours?

No, Only the Instagram story videos will disappear after 24 hours from your account. Your IGTV videos are available on your account until you remove them. 

4. How do I know insights for an IGTV video I have uploaded on Instagram?

You can check your video insights such as likes, comments, views, percentage of video watched, and audience retention graph by following the below steps. 

  • Select the video which you need to view the insights.
  • Click on the dot icon (smartphone) or ring icon (iPhone) at the end of the video.
  • Click on the view insights option to view the insights of all different parameters.

5. What are the video upload requirements for IGTV on Instagram?

  • IGTV Video file format should be MP4
  • Minimum video length of the IGTV video is 1 minute
  • Maximum length of the IGTV video when uploading on mobile: 15 minutes
  • Maximum length of the IGTV video when uploading on the web: 1 hour
  • Vertical & Horizontal aspect ratio should be 9:16 & 16:9
  • Minimum resolution should be 720 pixels
  • Maximum file size for IGTV videos up to 10min: 650MB
  • Maximum file size for IGTV videos up to 60min: 3.6GB
  • Cover photo size should be 420 x 654 pixels

6. How do I edit the title or description of my IGTV video on Instagram?

Below are the steps to edit the title or description of your IGTV videos

  • Open your profile and watch the icon that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click below the IGTV on your profile information or story highlights.
  • Tap the IGTV video you want to edit (shows horizontally in iPhone / shows vertically in android), then click edit. 
  • Once you edit your title or description, tap the Done (iPhone) and tap the tick mark (android) option. 

7. How do I send a direct message to an IGTV video on Instagram?

Follow the below steps to send an IGTV video in a direct message.

  • Open the IGTV video.
  • Click the share button at the bottom of the video.
  • Select the people whom you want to send it and then click send to share the video.

8. Can I see who liked my IGTV videos?

Yes, You can view who liked your IGTV videos at the bottom of the screen. But, you can view only a certain amount of views. By clicking the views option, you can see the total number of views, likes, and who liked your IGTV video content.

Service – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I share the Likes between multiple IGTV videos?

Yes, Of course! If you like to buy IGTV likes for several IGTV videos, Just enter the total number of views with your video links. We can divide the total number of likes by the total number of videos. 

2. Can I place multiple orders for the same IGTV video?

Yes definitely! You can place your order multiple times for the same videos. Remember that you should not order simultaneously for the same videos when your previous IGTV view order is still in progress.

3. What payment options do you offer?

We can offer payment methods such as Visa and MasterCard when you buy Instagram TV likes.

4.What do you need from me to start the delivery of IGTV likes?

Planyourgram only needs your username and Video link. Besides, your Instagram account must be public when you buy IGTV likes for your videos. 

Planyourgram never asks for your password or any other login information when delivering the IGTV likes. 

5. How many IGTV Likes should I buy?

We can’t say the exact counts because it depends on your Instagram followers. We recommend you to buy 4500 IGTV likes for your videos if you have 5K followers on your account. Finally, It will increase the chances of your IGTV views organically.

6. Will anyone know that I used your services?

No, Planyourgram will keep your data and service private. We assure you that no one will know about your ordering process from our end. 

7. How fast will my IGTV Likes start coming?

We can ensure that the delivery of IGTV likes starts within 30 minutes after placing your order. In some cases, the waiting time may be slightly different based on your huge volume order quantity. We have an excellent team to complete your orders within the specified timeframe, even if you are in a queue. So, you don’t need to worry about IGTV likes.  


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