Buy Instagram Story Views – Why Do You Need It?

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Buying Instagram story views is one of the best ways to promote your brand or content through the Instagram story. When you buy Instagram story views, it will help your content reach to your target audience without spending your valuable time. Buying Instagram story views are the best part of engagement and getting engagement on Instagram will increase your popularity among the users. 

Buying Instagram story views will make your stories reach more Instagram audiences, and you can get more organic views to your Instagram profile. Buying Instagram story views will make your brand ahead among a huge amount of audience and users on Instagram.

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PLANYOURGRAM – Buy Instagram Stories Views Packages:

Do you want to boost Instagram story views to reach your brand? Nowadays, many brands and individuals will choose to buy Instagram story views to create brand popularity among Instagram users. Planyourgram offers buy Instagram story views with 100% real and high-quality views at an affordable rate. You can easily buy story views from real users within a short period.. Buying Instagram story views help to get more views and boost your website click when the viewers swipe up the link on your Instagram story.

How Do Buy Instagram Story Views Feature Help to Increase Brand Revenue?

Buying Instagram story views are a very easy and convenient process to increase Instagram brand credibility and visibility. If you want to buy Instagram story views, your Instagram story will reach more Instagram users, and you will get more traffic to your brand. Hereby, you will increase sales and gain popularity within a short time. Buying Instagram story views will help to increase engagement and reach for your products or services. From Planyourgram Instagram services will create your popularity and get more exposure.

Why Does Every Marketer on Instagram Should Prefer to Buy Instagram Story Views?

Buying Instagram story views is an excellent way to reach out to your brand and promote your product or service among Instagram users. Most probably, Instagram stories views help to keep your viewers engaged and help to stay with your content. If you opt to buy Instagram story views, the stories will gain more organic views and reach even those who don’t follow you. 


One more reason to buy Instagram story views will help to reach your brand every Instagram user. Once you can buy Instagram story views to increase reach and generate more sales and revenues.

How Do Buying Instagram Story Views Can Help to Increase Revenue of Your Brands?

Instagram stories will increase your brand revenues and generate more sales. Hence, most brand marketers are ready to buy Instagram story views to make a brand’s success on Instagram. Approximately 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day. Hereby, a huge number of Instagram users will connect with your brand on Instagram. Buying Instagram story views is the potential method to increase visitors to your Instagram profile and improve your brand popularity within a short time. 

Nowadays, business accounts are ready to advertise their brand in creative and funniest ways because they impress their audience. Buying Instagram story views helps you enhance brand engagement, build brand awareness, increase website traffic and sell your products. Instagram stories have gained the more retention of every marketer in the world.

What are Automatic Instagram Story Views? How does it work?

Instagram story views mean the number of users on Instagram who viewed your stories. Your brand or content popularity is based on how many views you are having for your stories. Your Instagram brand value shows how your Instagram stories are efficient and informative among all other users on Instagram.

Importance of Buying Automatic Story Views: 

Many marketers are using automatic Instagram story views service to reach more followers! After buying IG story views, your reach will go to the peak of the mountain. Keep posting stories on your profile, which helps to attract several audiences. Buying automatic Instagram story views will make the account more effective with few efforts on your profile. Once you can buy automatic Instagram story views, you can get a high number of views on the stories. We give the offer to buy Instagram story views that you can use and improve your brand account. 

Why You Have to Choose a Planyourgram for Buying Instagram Story Views?

If you buy Instagram story views, it will increase the number of views on your Instagram stories. If you have a higher number of views on Instagram stories, there is a lot of chance to get followers to your account. 

The ultimate benefits of buying Instagram stories from Planyourgram services:

Here are a few reasons to buy Instagram story views for your account: Increasing Instagram story views will expand your reach and gain followers to your profile. 

  • High-quality views 

  • 100% Real and Trusted Instagram users

  • Very Fast & Instant Delivery

  • Fantastic Customer support 

  • 20x Money Back Guarantee. 



1. How do I share a photo or video to my Instagram stories? 


Step 1: Click at the top on your profile or swipe right in Feed and scroll to story at the bottom. 

Step 2: Click at the bottom of the screen to take a picture or long hold to record the video. Or else go to the phone library or gallery, and choose the photo or videos. 

Step 3: In the above screen, you can see the options such as to draw, add text, or smiley in your photo or videos. 

Step 4: When you’re ready to share, click Your Story in the bottom left.

2. How do I add a story to my Story Highlights?

Basically, your Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. If you want to achieve, it will show as highlights. 

  1. Tap your profile icon at the top of your right side corner. 
  2. Click , and choose the story or stories which you want to highlight and click Next
  3. Select a profile photo and give a story name for your highlight, then hit Add for iPhone and Done for Android. 
  4. At any time, you can include the photos and videos to your highlight by tapping your highlight and then Edit it.

3. Can I add Hashtags for my Instagram Stories? 

you place a hashtag to your Instagram stories, you can include the hashtag in text, stickers, or a location tag. The particular hashtag goes directly to the image and can be stylized to look like all text and stickers. Adding hashtags to your Instagram stories is worth a try.

4. How do I reply to someone’s Instagram story with a message?

  1. Open the Instagram story which you want to reply to.
  2. Click send message at the end of the screen.
  3. Drop your message, and click to Send.

5. Who will see my Instagram story?

The Instagram story visibility story is completely depends upon your Instagram account’s settings:

Private accounts: Only approved followers can see your story in private mode

Public accounts: Everyone can see your Instagram story in public mode. 

Note: When you buy Instagram story views, your account should be in public mode. 

6. Can I Get Views for All My Stories?

Of course, you can get views for all the uploaded stories based on what you buy. The budget is divided across all the stories and hence, the views and customers.

7. How Can I Buy Views for Specific Story?

There is no specific method to buy Instagram story views for a specific story. It can only be applied to the last story uploaded by you on the account.

8. Can You Provide Views for Achieved Stories?

Achieved stories are the highlight stories which can be viewed by the customers again and again. Yes, we do provide the service to buy Instagram highlight views.

9. Do You Provide Discount on Custom Orders?

We are open to any kind of budget and can design the service accordingly. Feel free to discuss the service with us.

10. How Can I Subscribe for Automatic Story Views?

You can contact us for automatic story views subscription. Our customer support member would make you go through the process.

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    I really appreciate the customer service, they spoke friendly and very helpful. I ordered 2000 Instagram story views, and they delivered this within the time limit.

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