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Planyourgram is one of the best services to buy IGTV views, IGTV Likes, and IGTV comments, which are less expensive. Our IGTV service will help you to reach a huge number of audiences to view your IGTV videos. Buying Instagram TV views is an effective way to increase your IGTV views and an efficient technique to promote your brand on Instagram.

You can buy IGTV views, IGTV Likes, and IGTV comments on Planyourgram at your convenient time. The ultimate benefits of Planyourgram are fast, instant, and reliable. Also, You can buy Instagram TV views based on your requirement.

Buying IGTV views and IG likes will increase the organic traffic to your website. It will be more useful to create trust on your profile by the Instagram users when you buy IGTV views on Planyourgram to create your video.

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How to Buy IGTV Views?

Buying IGTV views will help you improve your profile visibility and increase your IGTV video impressions. It’s a perfect choice to build your video content and boost up your business. Please follow the below steps if you wish to buy IGTV views for your videos.

  • Select your video URL and paste the video link (NOTE: You can select only one video at a time, in case if you want more views from each video, you will select it separately)
  • Provide the total amount of views you wish to buy Instagram TV views.
  • After entering, you can find the price amount for the provided amount of views. 
  • Tap the Buy Now button, which redirects you to the payment page. 
  • Place the order using your Paypal account, credit card, or any transition card.
  • Once the payment transaction is completed successfully, we will start working on your process. 

Why Did You Choose a Planyourgram for Buying Instagram TV Views?

Short Time Delivery:

Once we receive payment confirmation from your end, we will start working on your process at the earliest. The time taken to complete the process may vary based on buying IGTV views quantity. But, our team will be sufficient enough to complete the process within a short period. 

Organic Users:

We will provide 100% genuine and authentic views when you buy IGTV views for your videos. So you don’t need to worry about the provided IGTV views. 

365x24x7 Customer Support:

We have excellent customer support to resolve all your queries about buying IGTV views or any questions related to IGTV views.

Worth for Money:

We will offer different types of plans for buying IGTV video views. You can choose a plan from the available lists based on your IGTV videos requirement and get amazing prizes starting from $. 

Excellent Service:

We offer high quality and long-lasting IGTV views for your videos. We assure you that we will give our best services and maintain a healthy business relationship that helps you achieve your goals when buying Instagram TV views. 

10X Money Guarantee:

Our Planyourgram services will give you 100% guaranteed results for buying Instagram TV views for your videos. You can claim a refund if we fail to deliver IGTV video views of what you have purchased. For more details, please contact our support team further. 

No More Risk:

We provide effortlessly and risk-free services for our clients who buy IGTV views via Planyourgram. We will give our support in case of any issues until six months from the date of purchase. 


What is Instagram TV? 

IGTV is one of the best features on Instagram where every user is uploading their videos starting from 1 minute, which may extend up to 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Instagram offers for verified users to post IGTV videos up to 60 minutes. Also, Instagram users can create their videos and upload them on their IGTV. 

Buying IGTV views help you to promote your business and content more efficiently. Adding IGTV videos to your account will help you reach your brand among all the people on Instagram. It is not limited to getting likes and comments from the users for your videos. It’s about the reach and popularity of your brand among Instagram users. We suggest you buy IGTV views, buy IGTV likes, and IGTV comments to increase your brand engagement. 

What are IGTV Views?

IGTV Views (Instagram TV views) are often referred to as the total number of audiences who watched or played your videos. Each IGTV view has been calculated as count (it to be counted) only if the audience has watched the video for a minimum of three seconds. If you want to buy IGTV views and keep your audiences engaged in your videos for more than 3 seconds, your video should be unique, attractive, and more informative.

Furthermore, buying IGTV video views will help you boost and increase your video views on your Instagram. Also, you can extremely get more views organically as well as goes viral among the Instagram community. 

Why Should You Buy IGTV Views for your videos? 

Instagram has a high reputation and emerged as one of the best social media platforms in the world. With IGTV features, the content creators will get a wonderful opportunity to publish your brand. If you’re a new content creator in the IGTV world, our Planyourgram service will help you buy IGTV views. 

Buying Instagram TV views help you to increase your video views and get more impressions on your videos. You will also buy IGTV video likes and IGTV comments for your videos once your IGTV views have increased. Buying IGTV views has gradually improved the engagement rate and will get more audience organically to your Instagram profile. 

Buying video views for IGTV videos for your Instagram TV posts could reach out to wider and new audiences. Our service’s ultimate goal is to boost your brand success rate and provide you with high-quality services via providing IGTV views. 

How Do You Get More Views on Your IGTV Videos?

There are more strategies to buy views for your IGTV videos. Keep increasing your IGTV views will help you to show your engagement rate among the competitors. Below are a few tips to enhance your IGTV views:

  • Create a Trailer:

    You may create a trailer for your videos if your videos are too long. Hereby, you can increase views for your IGTV videos. Buying Instagram TV views helps to expand your video reach.

  • Post Frequently:

    If you want to buy IGTV views, you need to attract the audience through posting IGTV content on your Instagram account.

  • Repost your IGTV videos:

    After uploading your IGTV videos, you can also post them on your feeds and stories. To get more IGTV video impressions, buy IGTV views. 

 You can use all the above tips to improve your IGTV videos and boost your IGTV video views. We will be ready to provide support for every step of buying IGTV views. More views mean more likes. 

What are the Advantages of Buying Instagram TV Views?

Buying Instagram Tv views will help you to enhance your market and improve your brand presence to the audience. Numerous IGTV views create curiosity among Instagram users and stimulate them to click your video to watch your content. Buying views for IGTV video content makes highlights and moves your profile forward on the Instagram world. 

On the other hand, buying IGTV views is most important to drive sales for your products or services. If you want to promote your brand through IGTV views, it easily recognizes your brand among a wider audience. Also, your future consumers will be able to watch and know more details about your brand when you buy Instagram TV views. 

The most vital advantage is that buying IGTV views will make a great social proof. When people view your Instagram account with huge views, they will definitely get attracted to your account and frequently watch your IGTV posts regularly. So, buy IGTV views for your videos. 


Why Do You Need to Improve your Marketing By Buying IGTV Views?

Approximately Instagram has 1 billion active users worldwide. So, Instagram offers to create unique content on IGTV and uploads them. It is the best chance to market your product through IGTV videos. You can also buy Instagram TV views to generate more traffic and increase product visibility. 

After posting every IGTV video, you can repost them into your Instagram stories. Also, buy IGTV views to your every video post and boost your conversations. Additionally, IGTV provides an excellent feature to add the clickable links below video, and it directs your audiences to your website landing pages. If the audience needs to click the videos, you have to buy IGTV views. 

How Do you become a Successful Instagrammer Using Instagram TV? 

Today, getting famous on Instagram is simple but shining a successful Instagrammer is a little tough. As an Instagrammer, you will follow some important strategies to promote your brand using IGTV videos. And, you can buy Instagram TV views for your videos. 

  • Make a perfect plan:

    Before making the IGTV content, you should prepare the content strategies. After posting the IGTV content, buy IGTV views to your videos to turn the effective one.

  • Add CTA actions:

    You can add the CTA options at the end of the video and drive the conversation. If you want to buy IGTV views, use the planyourgram service and get famous instantly.

  • Connect with other influencers:

    Do collaborate with others, make the content, and post IGTV videos on both accounts to improve the fan base. Buying Instagram TV views makes a popular Instagrammer on this platform.

Are you Wondering How Hashtags Work on your IGTV? 

It’s important to use hashtags because it helps enhance your brand awareness. You can add up to 30 hashtags in your IGTV videos. But, there is no need to add too many. Just include 5-8 hashtags to your IGTV videos. 

Using content related hashtags and buying Instagram TV views for your video, it creates a path for easily find by the audience. Instagram users are searching the specific hashtags, and your video content will automatically appear in their feeds. If you buy IGTV views in your videos, the users will stay in your account and view all your video content. 

How Should Instagram Marketers Use IGTV for their Business?

In the competitive world, every marketer needs to promote its brand to the audience. So, Instagram introduced a great feature is IGTV Marketing. IGTV marketing is an excellent option for marketers to generate more leads and drive sales. Buying IGTV views helps to reach more audiences and the perfect way to improve your business. 

In IGTV videos, there are no restrictions to upload the videos. You can post the video content to be released regularly. Hence, the audience can view your content frequently and can trust your brand. If you want to shine in the digital world, buy Instagram TV views that promote your content uniquely. 

Service – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this service for private Instagram accounts?

No, you can’t do that because we can’t see the private Instagram account photos or videos until followed. However, if you want to buy IGTV views for your private account, you should change your private account to the public. After that, you will get more views for IGTV videos. 

2. What do you need from me to start delivery?

We will never ask for your Instagram information while buying Instagram TV views. We just need your video link and username for your public account. 

3. Can I share the views for multiple IGTV videos?

Yes, of course! If you would like to buy IGTV views to multiple IGTV videos, just enter the number of total views with your video links. 

Ex: If you want 10000 IGTV views for five video links, we will provide one by one video. 

4. Can I place multiple orders for the same IGTV video?

Yes definitely! You can place your order multiple times for the same videos. Remember that you should not order simultaneously for the same videos when your previous IGTV view order is still in progress. 

5. Can my Instagram account get banned for buying IGTV Views?

Absolutely not! There is no chance to ban your Instagram account until you do anything harmful. Many marketers are interested in increasing their brand awareness. You don’t need to worry about it. 

6. Will anyone guess that I have bought IGTV Views?

No, Planyourgram provides excellent service to keep privacy. We make sure that no one will know about your ordering process unless you tell anyone. 

7. Do you need my username and password to start delivery?

No, We never ask for your password and personal data for buying IGTV views. But, we need your username and video link for your Instagram account. After only we can start the process. 

8. How fast will my IGTV Views start coming?

Once we received the notification from your side, we will start the process within 15 minutes. The delivery time will vary depending upon your requirements. 

9. If I buy IGTV Views, will I get likes and comments for my videos?

No. You have purchased IGTV views that only we have provided. But the advantage is that you can organically increase your likes and comments after buying IGTV views.

10. How many IGTV Views should I buy?

We can’t tell exactly because it depends on your Instagram followers. We recommend that you have 5K followers in your account; you may buy 4500 IGTV views for your videos. Finally, more chances to increase your IGTV views organically. 

IGTV – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use IGTV?

Open your IGTV App -> Click the “+” button and select the video -> To choose the cover image, click and slide the image at the bottom of the screen. 

2. Is IGTV only for business accounts?

No, anyone can create an IGTV account for their Instagram account. Also, if you want to promote your business, you will use an IGTV account.IGTV is the perfect opportunity for making brand awareness. 

3. Is it better to post on IGTV?

Yes, obviously! IGTV is better to post your content because usual Instagram accounts don’t allow lengthy content, but IGTV allows lengthy content up to 10 min. So, you can make a product demo and how-to videos. 

4. Who can see my IGTV channel and videos?

It depends upon your Instagram settings in the account. 

If your account is public, everyone can view your account and see your photos/videos. 

If your account is private, your followers can view your photos & videos on your account. 

5. What is the best time to post on IGTV?

The best time to post your IGTV videos is Monday to Thursday t at 8 to 10 PM. Specifically, you can post the video on Wednesday from 8 PM. On this day, you probably get the highest engagement. 

6. How do IGTV views work?

IGTV is calculated every time a single person watches or plays a video for more than 3 seconds. They crossed the 3 seconds your IGTV view count will high. Buying IGTV views helps to increase your view count on your videos.

7. How do I get my IGTV video link?

1: Go to your IGTV and open your IGTV video on your phone. 

2: Tap the three dots at the bottom of your screen

3: Finally, you can get the IGTV video link 

8. How Do I Create a Channel on IGTV?

Follow the below steps to create the IGTV videos on your smartphone:

  • Download the IGTV app from Google Play (if you’re a MAC user, use the app store)
  • Sign up for your IGTV account (if you have already Instagram profiler, you can use it with the same login details)
  •  Go to the settings, and you can see the “plus” symbol on your right side. 
  • Finally, you’re in.

9. How Do I Save a Draft of My IGTV video? 

Follow the below steps to save a draft of the IGTV videos on your web browser:

  • Open on your computer.
  •  Post your video, title, description, and cover photo
  • Tap on save the draft video (at any time, you can edit or delete your videos)

10. How Do I See Insights For a Video I Uploaded to IGTV?

After uploading every video, you can check out the insights such as views, likes, comments, percent of video watched, and audience retention graph. 

Step 1. Click the video whose insights you want to see.

Step 2. Click on the vertical triple dot icon/ ring icon(iPhone) at the bottom of your video.

Step 3. Click and see your insights to watch all the parameters.

About Planyourgram:

Planyourgram is an excellent website that provides the best services to improve your engagement rate on Instagram such as IGTV Likes, IGTV Views, IGTV Comments with high- quality. 

Additional Info:

To know more information about buying IGTV views, please feel free to contact us via [Email]. We will be glad to solve your queries at any time. 



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